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Save states problem

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Hello, I have been having troubles with this game since december of this year and now I think I almost got it to work. I can play the game fine, but whever I save it won't load any saved games, and the save files are gone from my save folder. Someone mentioned to run it in administarater mode to fix this, but when I do it it runs in windowed mode instead of fullscreen, and my video driver crashes. Any way to force it into full screen?


Also, whomever is publishing this game right now should either contact the company and get patches out to fix Vista compadibility, or put "Not compadible with Vista", because I don't want to buy a game and have to go through all this stuff just to play the game.

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Remember that the game stores your saves under your game characters name? I.e. if I play as 'Gorth', I can only see the saves created for the 'Gorth' character. Creating a few characters with the random name generator can be particular vexing when trying to find a previous save.


As for support... we wish. Unfortunately, the MMO in development seems to be all that occupies the publishers mind these days, not support for old games (still dreams of a real 32/64 bit Windows version of Tie Fighter and other old Lucas Arts games) :)

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