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Opera issue

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Decided to try Opera 9.64 or whatever the latest version is. Installs fine.

I fiddle with some of the basic Preferences like turning off sound notifications and the 'wand' and some of the javascript allowances etc. I notice it seemed to import my Firefox bookmarks even tho I didn't ask it to.


I enter any URL in the address bar, hit Enter and it gives me a blank page/nothing, as if I never tried to surf the web at all. I hit "Reload" and it gives me either nothing or a white page that says something like "URL moved, it's now here (click link)." I click link (or refresh again) and the page loads.


Happens every single time I hit any URL...like once I get this forum to finally load in browser, the process starts all over for every single link-click. Obviously not acceptable. I don't have ANY "blocked content", since I just installed it.




Edit: I see via Google that some people have Opera issues w/firewalls. We use a hardware (not software) firewall...Firefox/IE have never had a problem with it, but could that be it?

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Uh. Weird. Opera has always worked fine for me.


BTW, download the new version, Opera 10. Perhaps that'll fix whatever the problem is.


Edit: If you've set up a proxy on Firefox/IE then you need to do the same for Opera. But if that were the problem you'd be getting time-out errors, not blank pages. Still, check it.

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