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Video card drivers

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I have an XP desktop and a Vista laptop. I had been playing the game on my desktop but ran into problems (as can be seen by my other thread). Anyway, my brother said I ought to give the Vista laptop a try at the game since we both agreed the desktop seems pretty fubar.


Following the sticky thread at the top of the page I completed all steps up to and including a new ms32.dll file. The only option left to me is to contact SecuRom but that will take some time so I thought I'd try here as well.


Here's the problem: KotOR2 is insisting that my Nvidia 8600M GT card's drivers are out of date. It seems an unlikely problem to me, but hey, it's Sunday so I might as well update, I figured. So I go through the process of updating my drivers. Then I reboot and try to configure the game again. No luck. The game still says my video drivers are not up to date. Any help would be appreciated.

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The KotOR system scan does not recognize hardware or drivers that were created after the game's release and automatically reports them as out of date. You can usually ignore that message as it really doesn't affect whether or not the game will run.

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That sounds pretty odd. Theoretically, the XP desktop should run KOTOR2 better than the Vista laptop. Laptop video cards are normally very undrpowered, and rarely do more than play old games(I suppose KOTOR2 is getting up there), or watch DVDs. I am running on a Vista laptop, and got the same error, despite having a Gefroce9300m GS. The game itself runs fine once I get it started up. For some reason, I have to restart my comp to play KOTOR2 after I quit the game, and it always messes with my resolution. I also have to run the game from "My computer", by clicking my cd-rom, because using the start menu shortcuts would always cause the game to crash while loading. You might also want to read the thread for playing KOTOR2 on Vista(someone less lazy post the link please).

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