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Stuck at Telos (not cheat node)

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Okay, so I just started playing TSL again and I recently ran into a new version of an old problem. When I came to the Telos academy, after talking to the handmaidens, the screen went black. I reloded the game, this time choosing the longer dialouge options...same result. So I patched the game and tried loading the dialogue fix. I can save the game and, when reloading it, Atton is standing right beside me, Atris is on the walkway to her chambers, Bao-Dur has dissappeared, Kreia and T3 are in their cells, and I can't board the Ebon Hawk or talk to anybody (including Atton, no "cheat node" or anything like it).

If anyone can help me on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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