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Kotor 2 lightsaber fighting forms

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Here are the forms for each class;


All; Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soresu (Plus Force channel, which is not a lightsabre form). These forms are picked up automatically between levels 7 and 12, the exact level you get these and in which order varies by class. But Shii-Cho is always the first at level 7.


From the masters in order and by class;


Consular/Master; No additional lightsabre forms - you get force-forms instead.


Guardian/Weapon master; Ataru, Shien, Juyo


Sentinel/Watchman; Ataru, Shien, Niman.


Note; Only three of the masters will teach you a new form. Both Sentinel/Watchmen and Consular/Master classes will get new forms from the first three masters but not the fourth. Guardian/Weapon masters will get a form from the first two masters, then one from the last master rather than the third.

You'll learn the forms in the same order regardless of which order you meet the masters.

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