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Tobin in the Cantina

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I'm playing dark side for the first time. I killed Bostuco and persuade the other 2 captains to step down. Now I'm in the Iziz cantina after Dagon Ghent arranged my first meeting with Kavar.

Things proceed as usual until I start fighting Vaklu's soldiers. After a short time, Colonel Tobin who was supposed to chase Kavar outside begins the dialogue that normally starts after entering the Royal Palace.


What's up with that? I can't finish the fight.

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I got a probleme in this quest to, I was talking with people to see if they know something and after I'm going outside to investigate the crime scene, but when I return in the cantina, while in the loading screne, the game bug and close, windows say "this program does not work anymore", is there a way to overpass this bug with the console or I'm done with this game ?


Thx for the help!

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Not heard had this happen to me before, but as refuse said, try loading a save from before that point, if not try starting a new game (I know, it is a pain sometimes), if it doesn't work still then backup yuor saves and override and then re-install the game, that should do it


And as for fuelthefire, you got the wrong topic mate :lol: but here's a suggestion:


Try re-booting your pc.. you may have to clear out your cache


if that doesn't help, make sure your computer has the right requirements; try for the recommended specs if you can;


if you have any back ground processes running, shut them down so that your computer's resources are devoted to just TSL;


if all else fails, back up your saved games and anything in your override, then re-install the game.

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