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  1. My save is in the cantina, but i can exit - enter many time I want if I dont check the broken droid. I've try the auto-save that was set when I land on Onderon but it was the same bug with the cantina, now I uninstall it and cant reinstall anymore... the cd 4 if blowed I think it cant find a file... awesome lol
  2. For me the game crash when I return to the cantina after investigating the crime scene. I have reinstall the game but it does nothing, isn't there anyway of bypassing the quest by using the console ? or maybe just bypass some section of the quest?
  3. I got a probleme in this quest to, I was talking with people to see if they know something and after I'm going outside to investigate the crime scene, but when I return in the cantina, while in the loading screne, the game bug and close, windows say "this program does not work anymore", is there a way to overpass this bug with the console or I'm done with this game ? Thx for the help!
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