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I am a Chinese player,and I pretty enjoy obsidian's RPG.

The problem is, the single player games play a very tiny role in the entertainment industry in our country(mostly when compared with the MMORPG and other multiplayer games) ,and it's a well-known fact that piracy problem in our country is very serious. I am pretty looking forward to seeing a legal AP copy in our homeland. I hope that you could suggest Sega to find an agent in china to sell AP or maybe more upcoming games.

In fact, the company which named Xingkongyudong in chinese or maybe starinteractive in English successfully got authorised to sell NWN2 and MOTB in recent years. I see you have changed your publisher from atari to sega. The agent company I refered to only developed a good cooperating relationship with atari. The only thing that I asked for is, would you kindly tell sega to keep an eye on this thing , and maybe give them a discount (it's a small company), in order to bring this good RPG to all the fans in our country.If it comes true, we(the fans and who become the fans at that time) will very appreciate this.

Oh, other agent companys are ok too, but I think starinteractive is the best.

Well, this may be not your business , but I only hope you can put a little influence in it.

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I was disapointed to see Mass Effect was only sold in french here in Qu


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To be honest I'm French and I prefer change the language to English with French subtitles because the translation is better, with famous actors.

Actually, Sega have not the habit to translate the tracks on their games like in Sonic or Condemned series. In that case I hope that the game will be release in february worldwide !!


Casting from Alpha Protocol : http://french.imdb.com/title/tt1249406/

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Casting from Alpha Protocol : http://french.imdb.com/title/tt1249406/

Ooh, interesting. I don't remember seeing that before. :)


I honestly don't know how shipping to China works, and would be interested to know more. I know from trying to buy things from Saudi Arabia that a lot of sites won't sell outside their small geographical area. It helps to have a bank account in the UK or US, even if you don't actually live there right now, or to get someone who does to buy it for you and send it out.

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