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Meh, Remember Jediphiles Nihilus/Exile relation theory

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Lol Jediphile. For some reason I felt the urge to google "Jediphile Nihilus/Exile topic" and I got it posted on Lucas forums. I also noticed a post there where you have said your post HERE on these forums was deleted :).


I've been reading through it and I've been piecing it together.


For the most part I have come to accept this http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?...7894&page=3 as canon for me.


Now I am not arguing against your theory i have previously stated above I have accepted it as canon because I like it that much. I'm just bringing up this fun little theory that I don't really care if it gets disproved or proven... Hehe.



The Jedi Masters gathered on Dantooine, and told the Exile what they thought about her. They said she was a siphon, leeching the force off others. They wanted to cut off her connection to the force...


Hehe just a little food for thought here, is it possible the Jedi masters knew the connection between Nihilus and the Exile, and put you in stasis in order to kill you? LOL. I mean, I would find it hard for them to cut you off from the force and not do anything about Nihilus..... Of course this is purely speculation and can be argued by saying, "Well meh, maybe they don't know about Nihilus and they just think its you causing this."


I mean, perhaps Nihilus would've ceased to exist if the Exile had died.


There is one thing I can support this with.


a) If the Jedi Masters attempted a direct attack on Nihilus, the guy would've held his hand up and they would've died. Super drain for the win. Perhaps they wanted to kill Nihilus by killing its anchor to the physical universe... the Exile. Kreia intervenes because if this would've happened, her whole "deny the will of the force thing" would've been gone because the Exile would've died.

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