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kotor 2 runtime error help

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hi there i have installed kotor 2 on my pc and i am getting an error on startup which says


runtime error!

program:c:\program files\lucasarts\SWkotor2.exe

abnormal program termination


i am not that bad with a pc but i still dont know what that means lol :) however i have been searching all day for a solution

so far i have tried

i have also checked to configure thing to see if i am missing anythin but all things pass, the open GL problem was sorted when i updated my graphics drivers


installing patches (1.0b which caused an error saying "please insert original cd")

running as admin

running in compatability mode (for xp and 2000)

replacing the old ms32.dll file with a new one which has fixed errors for some people i tried this before and after the patches

updating my graphics card drivers

i have tried running the game from the swkotor2.exe therefore bypassing the launcher.


if anyone can help it would be much appriciated ty :)

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