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Obsidian VIPs on the original concept behind the True Sith?

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I've been browsing Wookiepedia recently and stumbled across the True Sith page where I noticed this:


It has since been mentioned by VIPs on developer Obsidian Entertainment's message boards that the company in fact did not use the "25,000 BBY" date as a basis for their development of the True Sith; the order was conceived as an entirely separate geographic group from the later Sith Order of Marka Ragnos and its like.



I would like to ask if anyone remembers any VIP on the board saying sth like that? This specific info I quoted was added to Wookiepedia on September 13th 2006 so if it's true, then an original VIP post appeared at least 2 years ago. Yes I know it's wookiepedia, that is why I'm asking members of Obsidian board if anyone know if it's true. Already tried to search the forums but haven't succed.

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