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How do Obsidian gauge reaction to a game?


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Just out of interest.


Take SoZ for example, it seems to me that this title is actually being hugely enjoyed by large numbers of people, but most aren't posting about it on mainstream sites. Instead it tends to be the smaller RPG/old school sites that you hear about it, if people aren't actually just playing the game rather than writing about it. More mainstream sites just seem to have a few dissatisfied people posting very 'loudly' who for some reason expect it to be a continuation of the MotB type gameplay.

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ahh, the old opinion of any publicity is good publicity.


It seems that really, a lot of games have been relegated to niche games. I'm not sure if this isn't on as many of the "general game" sites as it could be because atm this isn't where the market is being pushed. Chances are, if you give a bit more time... like two or three weeks, you'll start to see more as people who are more casual than "get the game, start the machine, don't eat or shower until the game is complete" crowd starts to post their comments. I'm also guessing then, because that way the people who think this would be great to get for friends, or want a copy for themselves (as they have been playing at a friends) can plump up their chirstmas wish list.

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