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I can`t play it

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Howdy people!:D

So,I installed Kotor 2.Then I enter the game,everything goes fine,create a character and then press play.I watched the intro and when I have to start playing,I receive an error.


My system:

1 GB Ram

Pentium 4 3.00 Ghz

128 mb integrated


I know that all of you think the video card is the problem and probably it is,but still:I can play Stalker at medium details and other games that normally I couldn`t play.

Sooo,any help?:D

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For some reason, even if your system meets minium requirements, KOTOR 2 usually does not work on an Intergrated Graphics Card(Join the club --__--# )


Solution: Buy a new(as in an older one) or find(buy) another computer to play it on!(Helpful right?/sarcasm)

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