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Help updating


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Hi not sure if this has been posted yet or where to put it so im placing it here.


I have NW2 w/MotB tryed to auto update last few day it just sits there and timesout.


Got the manual update w/the pcx1 patches installed them all.


Still all servers are grey to me.


went back ant tryed auto update again and its now trying to update from the very first patch, its like I have no patches now.


reinstalled the game, tryed the updatem, same thing, can anyone help with this?

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This really ought to be on the correct site, but it'd be rude to just kick this out, so I tried the update myself. It all seems fine, UK. Give me a shout via PM if you want to go further.


NWN2 stuff should be on the Bioware fora.

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