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The Force Unleashed Vs The KOTOR's

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I wonder why that is. Female gamers actually do that time to time, but male gamers...well, they just don't care


You feel persecuted because most game protagonists are male or what? ;(


No, Xard, my own personal thing is that I can put myself into the character's place a lot easier if the character is female. I shall never understand men completely, and trying to pretend I'm one, even in a game, is some-what rediculous for me. This makes a game that has female options more immersive, IMO. Especially if they throw in any kind of a romance sup-plot. It has nothing to do with persecution, at least for me. Just makes it a better experience for me all-around.


Then pretend you're the girl the male PC is romancing with, and the male PC is the guy of your dreams. I tend to do the opposite when playing female characters.




Dawes ain't too bright. Hitting rock bottom is when you leave 2 tickets on the dash of your car, leave it unlocked hoping someone will steal them & when you come back, there are 4 tickets on your dashboard.
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Guest The Architect

I don't understand why it's so difficult for a guy to role-play as a girl and vice versa because it's not uncommon for men and women to have similar personality characteristics, for instance Guy A is sensitive, Girl A is sensitive, Guy B is an ****, Girl B is a bitch. It's really just the romance sub-plots that are different otherwise it's pretty much the same. It doesn't matter what gender you're playing, it doesn't effect what type of person you want to be.

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