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The Force Unleashed Vs the KOTORS (or soon to be)

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Im not going to make this a poll, but I would like to hear everyones ideas. People have said on lucas forums, that they hate the combat system for KOTOR, when thats what sets the game apart, and personally I love it. And others say that TFU will unleash the force more than any other game could. But the majority of people I have spoken to say, "I'd rather see a KOTOR 3". That is exactly what I think, TFU will be a hack and slash. And sorry to say, those games are never good. It will be fun to throw stormies and fight General Jedi's, but the game will last only as long as it takes to beat the game. I doubt there will be ANY replayabillity on it. Which is why a KOTOR 3 would be much more appreciated. Lucas needs to wake up and smell the coffee, before someone dressed in black shows up on his door. Which im surprised no one has, there is some pretty die hard fans out there, including me. So share with me your thought's and ideas..


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