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A problem/bug I've encounter ...


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Hello Everyone,


I'm new here. Been to the forum before; however, I only glance through the topics and threads - reading through the informations on the game.


I have encounter a problem and seek the guidance of the forum to help me out, if so willing.


The problem/bug is on the Iziz lvl. I am doing the quest where I am suppose to investigate the murder of Captain Sullio; in the process of questioning the people in the Cantina - I was given the opportunaity to race in the "swooper racers" race.


Anyways, whenever I start the races - it shows my "racer" on the appropiate racing height, then after I click - it shoots me into the air and continues to be in the air until I hit the first overpass. Where I become stuck at the wall of the overpass. This "bug" that shoots me up into the air in the beginning of the game is (I believe) not actually part of the game, since I do not believe the "racer" is to go through the hull of the overpass (but pass through its opening). And also, I cannot "jump" over the overpass.


I troubleshooted it first and thought I needed an update. However, my game is completely updated. So, I do not know what to do?


Any suggestions?








- Playing the Iziz level, investigating the murder of Captain Sullio.

- In the Cantina, the option to race in the "swooper racers" race is available and I entered it.

- Instead of starting on the correct racing height; with the first click, I was forcibly shot-up into the air.

- I can continue to race through, until the first overpass (which would obviously stop me).

- Any suggestions on fixing the problem?

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