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telos LIGHTSABER parts

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I have a question I know if you help zerkah you get a lightsaber part but if I also help the Ithorians do both missions


cancel each other out leaveing me with no lightsaber parts whats so ever??




what Lightsaber part does zerkah have that I would get if I complete the quest?



what lightsaber part do I get from the ithorians if I complete the mission I do know you get the part from chodo?




also can I get the remaining parts on telos to fully construct my lightsaber on telos so when I get to narshadah im well






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Those questlines are mutually exclusive, they cannot both be done.


You cannot construct your lightsaber until after telos and on completion of Dantooine, Nar Shardah or Onderon. I don't recommend going to Korriban first because you'll only get one of the parts you need and not the other one, meaning you have to go to another planet. The best planet to do first is Dantooine because of the crystals and you can easily complete your lightsaber.

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As Aegeri said, you don't leave Telos with a lightsaber. However, it is possible to leave with two of the four parts you need.


That being a part(most likely a power cell or emmiter), and a cyrstal(If you go to the Telos Merchant near the work bench, and it will be a random color)


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