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-Spoiler- KOTOR II Story Line

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-Spoiler- I have a couple questions I couldn't get answered from browsing the KOTOR forums. I played KOTOR all the way through twice now, once as a lightsider, and the other as Kreias perfectly neutral pet. So, I had Mira join my party both times.


First, why did Kreia keep Hanharr alive? Just to kill Mira? That's a week a argument. If so, then why was Mira so special?


Second, why did I play solo as Mira at the end? It didn't serve any purpose that I saw. I've read about the Restoration Project bringing back the cut content, but that still leaves me with the same questions. Why did Obsidian chose to leave in what they did?

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Yeah, basically the game got a rushed release, so in an effort to remove incomplete elements of the game, the editing kinda suffered.


I believe conceptually Kreia needed to have some 'pet' muscle, in case everyone turns on her and what better insurance tool than a deranged wookiee bounty hunter? She also probably sensed that, as a Dark Sider, the Exile could learn a lesson of strength from Hanharr. Considering that Mira, as a lightsider, ends up becoming a Jedi (and eventually an important founding member of the LS Exile's newly established Jedi Order), I suppose Kreia would want to have the means to corrupt or control potential Jedi. That is also by the way why she's distant from Bao Dur (whose future and thoughts she can't sense), manipulative and dismisive around Atton, Disciple, etc... Kreia probably sensed Mira's force potential and the tension with Hanharr.


Playing Mira on Malachor V does seem a bit random, why not play any of the other NPCs, right? I suppose her bit was left in because Hanharr's storyline doesn't link that much to the rest of the stuff they had to remove (such as the HK-47/Goto/Remote showdown that goes back to the also cut Droid Planet/Factory sequences).

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