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more D&D games


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hello there.

have Obsidian publisher??

i thought if Atari can be publisher, Obsidian guys could make D&D games, can't they?

it would be GREAT if they make some another D&D games as Planescape: Torment or Icewind Dale. continue making great games as Black Isle/BioWare did with Infnity Engine and make another GOLD series as was Gold Box games and "infinity' games.

everybody loves them and i think wants more and more these games.


i have a new name for such a project :) 'Baldur's Gate: Attack on Black Isle' :D :) :D




and can anybody write me who are all these 17 guys from former Black Isle please?? i know about only Feargus, 3x Chris and Darren.

I wish i had my tabacco pipe

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