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Men of the new religion


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I saw this article on the Beeb




and keeping in mind the sometimes strident bemoaning of religion I thought it most apposite. I am not a religious man, but I see far too many religious men drawing extraordinary courage and goodness from religion to write it off. I am not for a moment religion is always good, but neither is it always bad.


To put it another way I've seen men being hospitalised over supporting the wrong sports team. I've never seen anyone go to the third world and help people for their sports team.

"It wasn't lies. It was just... bull****"."

             -Elwood Blues


tarna's dead; processing... complete. Disappointed by Universe. RIP Hades/Sand/etc. Here's hoping your next alt has a harp.

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I can't say anything bad about Buddhists so I won't. Good on them. I don't care what religion one belongs to, if they want to do a just (in my ever so humble opinion) and peaceful protest then I am all for it.

Murphy's Law of Computer Gaming: The listed minimum specifications written on the box by the publisher are not the minimum specifications of the game set by the developer.


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