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T3-M4 not there in Telos!

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Hey guys,


I really need some help. As I am leaving the Jedi Academy in Telos and I am in the room just before you go outside to leave in the Ebon Hawk (the room with the purple forcefield in the middle of the room and the big window where you can see the Ebon Hawk outside), I can't find T3-M4! Where is he supposed to be? I thought he would be inside the purple thing but hes not, and other than a box to get some items there is nothing in that room that I can click on to do anything. Is there any reason why this might have happened? I am using cheats so I figured maybe one of them has done something to make him not appear as the game thinks I am already passed this spot, I don't know.


I tried getting on the Ebon Hawk anyway but then once we took off and I talked to everybody on board I had nothing left to do, I was unable to travel via the map in the ****pit, it wouldn't let me click on it.



Any help would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance,



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T3 should be in that room, and you should automatically have a conversation with him as soon as you enter the room. If you've been useing cheats I'm guessing thats screwed your game up.


If you have one try an earlier saved game before the academy, and this time don't use cheats-K2 is easy enough that you really shouldn't need any.

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