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I've got a sound issue with my PC


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I built my new PC, Everything works perfect except this damn sound issue I'm having. My Asus Commando motherboard came with detachable onboard sound that resembles a PCIE slot, i had it set up and plugged in my front header "HD Audio" headphone/mic plug into the connector inside my case on the detachable card. I plugged in my headphones and i hear sound I'm suppose to, but also a faint hissing noise. theres no hissing noise when i plug my headphones in the back of my case though for the speakers.


The Hissing noise happens with i change a window, or drag a window, or even when i move my mouse. It changes its pitch to depending on i don't know what. but its always pretty faint. I plugged in my other Plug other Audio Plug that my case came with a "AC 97" and its the same deal, i hear sound, but also the faint hissing.


I took off the case front panel, and unplugged the wire to my front panel mic jack, and plugged it back in to see if it was a loose connection, nope, everything was fine, and it didn't fix my problem. Still hissing.


So i bit the bullet and bought a Creative Labs Xfi XtremeGamer PCI sound card to solve the problem. I Detached the other sound card, disabled it in the bios, deleted all of its drivers/software, and installed my brand new Xfi! I plugged in the HD Audio plug in the the Xfi for my front header headphones and VOILA! I still get the hissing noise, along with the regular sound im suppose to get...


I tried muting my LINE IN, MICROPHONE, and others, still hissing.


What in the world is the hissing from. :( :( >_< >_< >_< >_<

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