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Return to Dxun, Atton dialogue never starts

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I have just got back from Onderon to the Dxun, me and mandalore talk for a bit, then Atton comes running over to tell me something probably important, however he doesn't say anything, and just stays in the cutscene bit until I kill the process.


I can't skip the dialogue since he's not saying anything, and none of the game keys do anything, it's like a game freeze, but it is still playing.


If needs be, i'll get a screenshot for demonstration purposes.


Anyone got any clues over what to do?


I would have started again, but unfortunatly, Dxun was the LAST planet I went to.


By the way, having searched 6 pages for this bug I kept running into a companion called the "Disciple", who is this guy again?

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I think I know what the cut scene in question was/is (sorry-it just didn't register when I first read this). What *should* happen is that Atton comes in while you are talking to Mandolore (I can't recall exactly where he comes in during the conversation. All Atton says is that the Hawk is repaired and you can leave Duxn when you want to. Then, if I remember correctly, there should be a short pause and you get taken to the party selection screen after Mandolore and Atton are finished, if you haven't done so already leave the game for a few minutes and see if it switches to the new screen.

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Well, today I installed it on my laptop to try it on a fresh install, that didn't work, same thing, it also didn't do anything after leaving it for like half an hour.


So, I wasted 2 or so hours using my save from 3 hours ago and got back to dxun, same thing.


Given up, can anyone upload a save of just completing the last planet?


No preferences really other than the character being light side, the rest I can rebuild myself, well, my character is an armoured character not a robe one, so all my force powers are done accordingly.

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