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Darth Sion's History Lesson

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While replaying the Sion battle, so that I can get to explore the many persaude options, I stumbled upon this gem.


Exile: What is this place?


Sion: It is ancient, a relic that surivied the destruction of Malachor. It was always here, far before the Mandlaorian Wars.


It draws death and hate to it, channels it. Atrocites feeds it power, and with its power, it creates hunger. Many Jedi has beeen consumed by it.


Exile: But where did it come from?


Sion: It has been here for thosuand of years. It is a place where the Sith teachings run strong...it is the threshold of a border of an ancient empire.


Kreia says it was a place of reflection for the ancient Sith...a gateway to their lands. It drew Lord Revan...and it calls to her as well.


She said the teachings here will lead one to the Sith...the true Sith...and all their shadowed worlds. This place led Revan to the graveyards of Korriban and beyond.


Exile: What happened to Revan?


Sion: It does not matter. The Lord Revan had the galaxy at his feet, could have made it strong, and he surrendered it to weakness.


Like you, Revan touched power and turned away. The chance to heal this fractured galaxy, and he turned away.


I was there when the Academy on Korriban fell...and the Sith turned on one another, like beasts. Our chance at an empire...destroyed by Revan.


Very interesting that Sion too know of the True Sith. Prehaps Kreia trained Sion and Nihlius so that they can battle the True Sith?

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The article doesn't exactly say she trained Sion and Nihilus for that purpose, it just says they joined her in restoring a resemblance of Sith Order, meant to be Revan's legacy then turned into something else, nothing more than what's said in the game. It can be concluded that she was waiting a worthy one to achieve what eventually did the Exile.

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Kreia didnt train Sion and Nihilus to combat the True Sith. I doubt that (From their characters) that they had the intent on fighting them. Sion may would have tried to take control of them and Nihilus would probably just consume them, if the True Sith arent as powerful as Sion and Nihilus. However this isnt the case. Kreia, Sion, and Nihilus just happened to stumble apon each other from a point of view.


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