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Revan and the Exile

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What is the difference between Revan and the Exile when it comes down to people following them and how they are different in the force? I noticed that both of them are able to convert people and are strong in the force but what else. Also I remember that Kreia said that Revan is like power and Exile is the wound and I barley understood that but what else? :shifty:

I pitty the fool who don't have the force.

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The way I see it:


Revan was dynamic, always learning, always testing limits; and he was a very powerful force user with a talent for strategy. It was charm and charisma that drew people to him, and a sense of destiny that kept them. But as far as 'converting' people, that was a learned ability, and Malachor was his field test. He was determined to unite the force-sensitive under one leadership through 'bonding', because he knew the galaxy's survival was at stake; while that philosophy seemed to align him with the Sith, he was neither that nor 'Jedi', really. Whether 'gray Jedi' was Kreia's influence, or his own conclusion, it's hard to tell; I think it was a little of both. But she took credit for it.


Exile was only a mediocre force-user. The bonding ability was natural, but he/she didn't consciously use it. It was the loyalty he inspired that distinguished him on the battlefield; it kept the troops fighting long after they should've given up. In this way he was working against Revan, at Malachor. But as Revan predicted, the strength of Exile's bonding ability was a flaw; the battle's death and suffering caused him to involuntarily turn 'off' any connection to the force, just to survive. The bonding ability remained. Through it, he was able to regain some connection to the force, by channeling to and from others. But in essence he was hollow. What Kreia did was teach him to use that, and try to put 'purpose' back into his life; and she didn't miss the fact that it could be useful to further Revan's (and her own) cause.

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