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Graphical Glitch

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Well, if there aren't any eyes in face, how does the holovid man's face look like then, apart from floating eye that is part of visual effect? More info might help. Anything else that is odd about visual effects in game?

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The mans face looks absolutely fine, all thats wrong is that the "eye" is floating in front of him and also now has lostits shape and become jagged and twitchy. it doesnt even lok like an eye anymore but a jagged blob folating that keeps on changing shape from one jagged blob like shape to another.


Also when i entered maintanance where the hk protocol/assassin druid is, i suddenly get a point in space which as i carry on running expands in a circular way to make my charatcer compeletely see through where this point is, it usually expands to cover the whole torso before "resetting" and doing it all over again.


Also at regular intervals my game starts blinking about 4 or so times, it makes little parts of the screen different colour, as if a layer is being "seen" through to reveal the stuff underneath.


They dont cause the game to crash but are still highly irritating.


I never had any problems when i first installed the game, however i unistalled te game for a period of time and then re-installed it and thats when these buggs started happening. Could this be to do with the patch? It has happened before that a patch that fixes some things then causes other things to come to the surface and "break"


Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Well the easiest way to tell would be to reinstall the game sans the patch and see if they occur. There are some people who've reported more small glitches w/the patch than without.


Otherwise...such minor yet annoying graphical snags can be hard to troubleshoot. Could be a lot of things.

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