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there is a new complete book

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What's it for? I.e. what is in the "Complete Mage" that isn't in the other books? Or is it just a collection of all the stuff from the other books in one cover?

complete mage has prc tailor made for the warlock and m/c warlocks.

it also has a fighter/mage and rogue/ mage prcs in it.


the ultimate magus beats an archmage in firepower



as for the complete scoundrel, i cant say.

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The only two I remember are like the Mystic Theurge, but for warlocks.

And are you going to elucidate further for those of us in the cheap seats?

elditch thuerge and elditch disciple, i too have the complete arcane.





i however prefer the enlightened mind which is a straight warlock prc compaired to the other two which are multiclass.

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Hey, what are some good warlock multiclass builds? (I'm currently on play-through number three with a CE Tiefling Warlock.)

in pnp or nwn2


in pnp:

warlock 10/enlightened spirit 10

you get

aura of courage, aura of meance,spirit blast,eldritch blast,spirit armor, celestial flight, tongues,shape invocation,energy resistance,holy blast,transform magic and death ward.

you also get the 10 lvl warlock capabilities


warlock 5/arcane caster 5/ eldritch theurge 10 or warlock 7/arcanecaster 3/ET 10

you get +1 invocation class lvl, +1 arcanecaster lvl, cold iron resistance, fiendish resiliance, spellblast,eldritch spellweave, great reachblast. you also get abilities of a 5 lvl arcane caster anda 5 lvl warlock or howevermany lvls you take in them. screw someone over, take 3 lvls of warlock and 8 lvls of warmage, just makesure you take battlecaster feat and 10 lvls of E. theurge.( well atleast i think it was 8 lvls of warmage for medium, might have been 4 for lightarmor which btw from my understanding you only need to take BC once )


warlock 7/ cleric 3/ eldritch disciple 10 or cleric 5/warlock 5. ED 10

what you get: gift of divine patron,turn/rebuke undead, 10 lvls of invocation class lvls, 9 lvls of divine caster lvls, eldritch spellweave, and timelessbody. you get multiple lvls of gift of divine patron, and it requires the character to be able to deal with undead, no druid for you or favored soul. or the other 2 baseclasses.

you also get the perks of the lvls of cleric and warlock you take.


more known builds in pnp:

warlock 10/acolyte of the skin 10

if you have complete arcane you can tell yourself this one.


in nwn2 and pnp: warlock 20

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The best is Warlock 20 if you want to make use of your Infusion power. Since the level of any item made is based off your Warlock class level.


Seeing as that'd give you, indirectly that is, access to every spell and magic item in the game... I think that's FTW. :(

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that it would.

in ancase when dealing with a multclass deal whether or not if its one or more base classes or with one or more prcs, what you have to look at is what does

warlock gain to loose in the mc deal, with enlightend mind you loose pretteymuch all of your invocation choices, while gaining being immune to fear and be able to look menacing to your opponents, you gain a select few invocation with this build, but you can fly with it.


the eldritch disciple, what you stand to loose

3 lcls of warlock, 3 lost invocations

what you stand to gain: being able to heal yourself

turn undead, more invocations, more invocations

gift of divine boss( takeable multiple times)


the eldritch thuerge

what you stand to loose: weak familiar, one arcane spell lvl, EB damage,

what you gain +1 to arcane caster lvl at lvl 2 up, more invocations at lvl 1 up


wacky comobo

warmage 5.warlock 5. ET 10

with battlecaster you can use both the invocations and arcane spells in medium armor



a 2o warlock looses nothing and gains nothing , but can use just about anything.

since your evil tiefling warlock is rancidly rotton, im going to share with you some knowledge of feats:


fiendish heritage feats will aid a tiefling and basically turn it into a half-fiend with those feats, and there is about 4 of them and along with the fey heritage feats they will stack with the abilities granted by the warlock and the tiefling

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Strength through Mercy

Head Torturor of the Cult of the Anti-gnome

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