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KOTOR 2 Graphics Artifact with nVidia 7800 SLI

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I have a Intel D with 2.12 of recognized memory running windows xp. The graphics setup is nVidia's GeForce 7800 GTX in SLI (16x) mode. Forceware 93.71 with video bios


When I launch KOTR, I get two vertical lines on the left side of the monitor and the word 'SLI" to the right of it when KOTOR is launched.


How do I get rid of it? (other than turning off SLI for the entire PC: which works).



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There is a setting in one of the control panels added with your GFX card that will turn this off. I had the same 'problem' when I first set up my SLI card.


Go to control panels, then open display. Click the settings tab, then the advanced button. A new window should pop up. Click on the tab that is called your gfx cards name. Then click the left hand tab labelled SLI Multi GPU. In this page turn Show GPU Load Balancing off. IE uncheck it.


Apply your changes then try it now.


If you have any questions or problems with the steps feel free to ask. Either way, don't freak out... it isn't a glitch or problem, just a setting that is showing you that is working. When I turned it on, it was my own fault, as I thought that it was the 'activation button' for SLI mode. LOL, then I forgot which control panel it was in and had to hunt for about 10 minutes to find the tab to turn it off.

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