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Jedi Force Power Glitch

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I thought i was lucky since i didn't encounter any of the many KOTOR2 glitches. But i have one of my own that i can't seem to find any info on.


Whenever i use a force power like force push and force whirlwind, the frame buffer effects are corrupted and the shockwaves look like a hail of pixels colored the same as whatever textures they are near but clearly visible as small squares. They'll even reflect the colors of a sheild, from a close view its like a floating outline of whatever character is affected by the shockwave, and the mass of the wave itself. It also affects the heat coming off the swoop bike engiines, But not as profoundly as it only occurs to the pixels nearest the engines


If i move a character near an active force whirlwind they will become surrounded by the pixels as well even if they aren't exactly in the storm.


Is this a previously reported issue or is my video card the culprit, i have swapped my GPU into another PC to test it and experienced the same issue.

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I never had this problem on any other pc prior to using this particular card, i can't really say if it just started sporatically or was always there i typically control ranged characters in combat so i never really got a close look at it. i first noticed it during the swoop race minigame on telos. then i started to investigate.


Funny thing is all of the other frame buffer effects work flawlessly except for spatial distrortions (which look fine in every other game)


I've tried just about all the drivers that won't crash my system, and i even ended up having to do a clean install after fouling something up using driver cleaner(reccomened by someone on the lucasarts forum), and even after a clean install with KOTOR2 as the only thing on my system besides drivers it still happens.

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Had same problem with K1 with old computer, except that it was not pixels, but that centre of grey floor in Sith base on Manaan and Taris was coloured with light hues of blue, purple and green. The kind of interminging colours that is seen in soap bubbles and water puddles where a bit of car oil has leaked.

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