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KOTOR 2 in Window after official patch

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Somehow i now play the game in a window... i had that bugging movie crash even after the patch so i try to overt some options of the game!


I dont know what i did... but i'm playing in a window and the movie bug is gone!


Anyone with this issue?


I also could use TSR help on this matter, please!

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Disable movies in window option... enter game, go to options, graphics, advanced graphics: switch anti-aliasing to 2x... exit game, reenter game and voila WINDOW MODE, exit game again go to configure and activate movies, reenter game and again voila: no more movie crash! I TESTED IT 18 times, it works like a charm and doesnt affect game performance and computer performance!!!!



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Had same problem, but it was due to previous computer having fault of some kind not directly linked to graphics card speed. Might have been either viruses or fault with system. At least your game still runs, but mine was merely a frozen screen even when movies were disabled. However, current computer is a bit easier.

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