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how do you instal mods????

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I had some trouble with is too when I first started using them.


Each is different and you should always check out the Readme.txt that comes with the file.


There are some common things that can be understood. Frist, most mods will us the Override filder located in the game folder - KotOR , for the first game and KotOR2 for The Sith Lords. By defualt the these folders get placed in C:\Program Files\LucasArts\...


The Override folder can be created if you don't have one and is a place that the game uses to "override" its other files, thus changing the game in some way. Most often you simply need only copy the mod files into this drectory.


There are also some pre-made self-install packages that will ask for the KotOR or KotOR2 directories and will do/copy the rest from there. These can be quite cool as they can come with a trick that adds the mod without conflicting with other mods already present.


You should also note that these files are done by ppl that are operating solo and that can often bring about problems, like the us of the same files for different effects, both with their own "modifications". You can learn how these files work and combine their modifided attributes, but it takes some study - or someone elss you can ask to do it.


This is just a 101 to get you started. You will be limited until the day you can reproduce the game all by yourself - joke.


You should study up so that each problem you come to in making the game just the way you like it, is no problem at all.


The last bit of advice for you is "backups". I said it before I will say it again - The people that make these are offen limited by what they know and what they have to work with (not to mention outright mistakes) and all too offen these collide with the game's inrworkings and BOOM the game has irepairable damage that may need reinstalling to fix. The solution? backup your Override folder when you get it the way you want it and it can't hurt to save a copy of any other folder that gets modified.

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