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A Request for Advice (Via Questioning)


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Hello Devs! I'm brand new to this site, but not to gaming or writing. I'm 18 years old and I began gaming at age 3 (Go Pong!). I developed an interest in writing at age 5, and my passions have remained the same. When I was 17 I came to the realization that I could combine the two. :lol: I admit it, I'm a slow learner. This year, with the college application process breathing down my neck, I'm in dire need of advice on what to look for.


1. Besides writing, what is the most important skill to develop for the job of a game writer? How has the development (or lack thereof) of this skill affected your career?


2. My favorite game, despite the lengthy dialogue, is Planescape: Torment. I think many of us will agree that the writing in that game was fantastic, and in fact it was during a Ps:T session with friends that I realized the impact strong writing can make on even the most unobservant player. When presented with a task of that magnitude, how do you break it down? Is the end product always worth the effort?


3. How do I start? To tell the truth, I'm somewhat overwhelmed at the moment. I know my writing can get me into a strong liberal arts school, but are there specific colleges you would recommend? And, while this may be thinking too far ahead, how did you go about landing a job as a writer?


I know these are fairly broad questions, and I apologize if that's a problem. In any case, I felt this was a good place to look for answers, as several of my favorite games have come from Obsidian. Best of luck on Neverwinter Nights 2!



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