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Total Confusion Pt 1 ~spolier~

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Ok bare with me peeps...


At the start when you meet Atton and have the convo about Revan whether Male or Female DS/LS now the confusion part is this...Does this convo determine these part of the game


1: the holocron on Korriban of Bastila in the holocron she is sith...on my husband saw the holocron/ on his save and he said he choose Revan and female/DS


2: The republic attack on the Ravager on my husband save its come anonymous black captain on mine its always Carth commanding the Sojourn


3: I always see Carth and Bastila at the end on the attack the Ravager when Carth asks if the exile has met Revan on his journey...My husband on the his save where he saw Bastila on the holocron only spoke to Carth



Can someone PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS...Truthfully I've only played K2 as LS but we are totally confused on these points :(

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Yes, that early Atton convo does determine some of those things. I dont know if it's only choosing male/female or whether the DS/LS is a part of it as well...I'm sure someone else here will know. :(

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1. The holocron is only accessible if Revan was ds


2. Carth is the republic admiral if Revan was lightside


3. I think Bastila doesn't appear in person if Revan was set to be female



So, yes, all these depend on the Atton convo. The first two are decided by Revan's alignment, the last one by the gender.

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