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Telos Hidden Base -How do I free companions?

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:- I can seee Kraia (spelling?) and can use some of hert powers But can not talk to her.

Anton (spelling?) has the option to "cheat: Contin. convo. with Kreia (Nothing seems to happen here) or cheat: confrontaion with the jedi.

I have tried battling with the sidstaers.. I can't find any controllls. Also Bao Dur is in a cage, but I can't figure out how to free him either.

I can't figgure out how to free the little robot, either. Please help!

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Handmaiden might have asked you to put your weapons aside. If you did get that line, select reply 'Who are you?'.


Handmaiden will issue another warning. Either select "Very well. I did not come here to do battle." or line that says "Will play along for now" depending on alignment you have.


If you chose a response like "All right. We mean you no harm", then your game encounters conversation problems.


Also, try downloading patches from TSL Restoration site.


Names are Kreia and Atton.

Deep from within...


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That is a bug in the game. The only way you can screw up is when handmaiden asks you to drop you weapons, you do it.


You cant fix it. You can only reload a saved game.


Next time she tells you to drop your weapons, say anything, just dont drop them. By not dropping your weapons you trigger kreia's dialog and the game will work fine.

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