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I've been looking around for a solution tho this problem, but just can't find it...


When I run this game it clocks my comp out at 100% until crash. (KOTOR ll)


I am running a AMD 4400 Duel core with Nvidia 6800XT, 2g of RAM. When I open the game I get the "We made this game" screens but when I get to the menu it just goes black, with the exception of the cursor. Which moves very laggily. I can click and a couple seconds later the nw game screens comes up with a pick a character but it is lagging so bad that I have trouble picking a character in under two minutes. Which can be a real downer during actual game play. I am convenced that it has to do with compatibilty problems. After all I don't think that the game was made for a 64bit processor.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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There are frequent issues with Kotor2 & dual-core systems; some people have been able to solve them, sometimes not. Here's one person's recent solution:




Further searching of the forums may find other past threads on the topic, if that doesn't work/apply for you. Luck.

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