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Black Screen

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I am now the proud keeper of the game KotOR2 :p but i have a problem,

After starting the game and making my car there is this classic Star wars tune plus some reneral info in tekst..... and that was it. I mean realy after that my screen gose black no music o:)


I have Windows XP pro and a computer about a half jear old


I hope someone reads this and had the some problem and is so kind to tell the selusion


Alvast bedankt Wink

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You could try playing the game without going through the movies. See what happens with that.

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I had the same problem, and could not fix it. I had (at the time) a nearly new computer, and I found the answer by hauling out a 3 year old dell and it worked without a hitch. I know that's not much help, but you now know that others have had the same problem!

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