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Ugh, ANOTHER glitch or something.

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I can't seem to load my games. They all reach a certain spot (about one fourth full and freeze). This has happened before but only when I load another game when I am in one. To get it back I would start a new game which would load and exit and then everything seemed fine but now I have exited a game and went back into the main menu and tried loading because that seems like the only way to load a game without it freezing for some reason. It must be some sort of bug. So anyway I did that which is usually the only way to get it to load from one character to another but this time it won't load no matter what I do. Nothing is loading ever since I made a female acount and saved it. I don't know why it won't laod. I got plenty of power in my pc for the game and I have beat it many times but some times it just won't load and nothing I do right now will get it to load. Please help.

Duh, "Sidious was strongest sith lord in his time" my ass, he was the only sith lord
- Xard
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