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jekk jekk tar

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I think I found a bug. Playing a male DS on Nar Shadaa, I am drugged by Mira and the Jedi finds me. He suggests that I follow him into Jekk Jekk Tar, but when I try to do so, the entrance is blocked by a door that does not even register as a selectable object. I tried the other entrance by the flop house, but it is the same. This is a show stopper since I cannot reenter the Ebon Hawk either. I checked the walkthroughs and it sounds like I should simply be able to enter Jekk Jekk Tar at this point and start attacking the patrons within. I'm not sure what to do as going back to previous savepoints on the planet ends in the same result.

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Wrong door.


Try near the 3rd (and most furthest) tower, the one where you had to do the quest for the Bith.

Also; try using your map... it will make things really clear




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