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Goto's Ship

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Hi all,


so I did all the nar shaddaa stuff had a good time did alot of quests,now heres my question...I cleared out all of Goto's ship...and woudnt have a clue how to get off,i've been searching for hours and hours,also it says sumthing about a bridge console...

I been there tryd evry possible command,no effect...

so please tell me how to get off

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Found here;


The following answers to questions may contain spoilers. If so highlight the part behind A. to read the answer...

Q. I cannot get of Goto's Yacht


Altough this is no technical issue;

You need 2 programs. 1 being "shutdown" (get this from the droid in the starting room) and "Power Control" (get this from the console in the room where the Exile was). Now upload these if you haven't done already on the Bridge (see map) and use Shutdown on the Power...




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