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Jedi Redemption Quest

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How do you complete the Jedi Redemption Quest on Dantooine? Whenever I play LS, I'm never able to wipe this one out.


SORRY, just realized I posted this in the wrong place (should have been in Spoilers), and found the answer (kinda) anyway.

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Same here. Just avoid carrying your lightsaber and convince anyone, non-hostile like for LS, that you are not a Jedi. Eventually the truth about your exile comes out and I think the quest was eventually put in the complete quest list because of hiding it for as long as possible.


The quest, if activated by you by carrying your light saber or admitting to being a (former) jedi, appears to be broken. Either that or we just didn't look hard enough or something.


You can aslo get influence for Kreia, and I think Atton if you talk to the mechanic near the Ebon Hawk, which requires that you not carry your lightsaber, and if he hears you talking to the droid, convince him he heard wrong.

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there might be a possibility, with the KSE you can manipulate quests and see all the different outcomes, ill post down what is possible.


EDIT: ok well i took the darkside path, and killed that old man guy who thought you where a jedi, and that dillan i force persuaded her but what the KSE says is interesting:


10) Jedi have an extremely bad reputation on Dantooine, even worse than it is in the rest of the galaxy. The secret Jedi Enclave on Dantooine provoked a brutal Sith occupation during the Jedi Civil War. If that reputation isn't redeemed, it could lead to problems down the road.


20) You've revealed yourself as a Jedi to the wrong person. This may complicate your efforts on Dantooine.


30) You've made some tangible progress towards restoring the Dantooine people's faith in the Jedi.


90) You've given great aid to the people of Dantooine. And Terena Adare won't let your heroism be forgotten. You've done much to restore good will on Dantooine towards the Jedi order.


91) You are largely responsible for the mercenaries taking over Khoonda and slaying Administrator Adare. Whatever Dantooine settlers survive the mercenary occupation of their planet will surely spread word of a Jedi's involvement in their downfall, further tarnishing the image people have of the Jedi order.

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It can be beaten! This was done with a light side character and TSLRCM 1.8.5. 

Start the quest by carrying a lightsaber and/or letting the mechanic overhear the droid in the landing area refer to you as a Jedi. After you find Suulru's stolen equipment in the Jedi enclave, return to him in the Khoonda lobby. Have Kreia in your party and save your game! Experiment with the various dialog options (stay light side and defend the Jedi) and Kreia will jump in to tell Suulru that the Jedi sacrificed in the war for people like him. It's out of character for her, but he takes it to heart and your Redemption quest will update. 

Doing the remainder of the sidequests (lightside) and saving the Khoonda should close the quest out. 

This may have something to do with TSLRCM -


it restores the thief to a surviving padawan, which leads to the dialog with Suulru


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