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IWD2 multiplayer


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I'm hoping some one on here can help me out with this. We just recently set up our LAN, and started a LAN multiplayer game (awesomeness!) We ran in to a little problem, though. We were going along fine, and then one of the computer's game errored off, so we downloaded and installed the latest patch from the Gamespy Icewind Dale II site, and had to download it to both computers so they'd have the same version. Played one session after the installation, but now when we try to start the LAN session, the CPU usage maxes out (doesn't matter which computer we start it from, happens on both). :(


Any ideas on what to do? We can both play single session games, and we've uninstalled the game from both computers and reinstalled - no good.


Any suggestions? At the very least, anyone know how to get rid of the patch?



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