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Kreaia and Atton Won't Talk Bug - Any ideas?

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When i try to talk to Kreia or Bao, I get no response.


I do not mean I get no reply options when talking to them, I mean I click on them to initiate conversation, and nothing happens.


This happened when I accidentally used force powers against the Handmaidens in the first or the second match.


When the maiden told me that I had failed, Bao Dur and Kreia were kicked out of the group but still present in the room.


Could not initiate conversation with them, or add them again to group.


They only talk when responding to events in game, or if I select Kreia or Bao and then use them to talk to my main character.


What can I do...


i cant go the rest of the game selecting them then using them to talk to me, can I?

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