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Running your own country


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Assume you could go back in time, sometime before the Renaissance and be the ruler (king/queen, Caliph etc). You get to choose where and when. Assume that your intention's to run a viable government.


You can bring up to 5 advisors to help you run the country. Who are they and what do they contribute?


I'll start off. I choose the Mediteranean because it has mild weather, access to the sea (trade/interaction with other countries etc) and a reasonable amount of resources.



[*]Actuary - Has some sense of how the economy runs and handles the long-term financial viability of running projects (or the government).

[*]Civil engineer - Brings practical knowledge of working with materials and general construction to improve infrastructure.

[*]Medical practitioner - Knowledge on handling diseases and keeping the public healthy (avoiding plague, suggesting changes etc)

[*]Historian - Provides general context in what location/age that we'll be in. Information on surrounding countries and how to handle them. Might double as an advisor in promoting the arts.

[*]Legal advisor - Handle legal system and handle an information system that effectively distributes information so that people know why the government's making decisions and how it'll affect them (say why it's important to maintain health practices etc). Could be vital in influencing public opinion (convincing people snake oil doesn't work) etc.

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I choose South Africa. Best goddamn land in the world. Diamonds, gold, Iron aplenty, tough people, wood, grassland you name it.



[P.J.O'Rourke]Actuary -


Having read his book 'Eat the rich'. It begins with the question "How come some places just suck?"


[isembard Kingdom Brunel]Civil engineer - Quite possibly the single finest and most succesful civil engineer of all time.


[My Mate's dad]Medical practitioner - I don't know any really good medics. So I'll settle for a good old fashioned Jewish doctor with a beard.



[Max Hastings]Historian - Not a mediaeval historian, but a good man in a crisis.



[Hunter S. Thompson]Legal advisor - He would be perfect, and would enjoy dressing up in the feathers of an African sangoma. Plus he would scare the bejeeezus out of enemies of the State. Would also make certain I didn't abuse the privileges of rank.

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This is tough, I suppose the Muslim empire right about the time of the Mongols. Mainly because there was alot of land , good society, strong in their faith when needed, and with a good amount of potential.


If I can't choose that then maybe north africa/Mediterranean


My advisors would be :


Imam Ali - For religious,political,and social advice. (Or the prophet mohd. pbuh) I understand this choice seems a bit extreme but if Im commanding muslims might as well have one of those on my side, though chances are they would take the throne from me.


Saladin - Military advisor




Civil Engineer


Someone to help with culture/science. Not sure who though.

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I would choose Australia. A nice out of the way place.


Military Advisor: Joan of Arc

Economist: Henry Kissinger

Political/Spiritual Advisor: Buddha

Culture/Science: Albert Einstein

Civil Engineer: My Uncle.

Legal System: Sandra Day O'Conner

Medicial: SOmeone who is the top of their field today. DOn't know who that would be.


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