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No Council @ Dantooine

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After about 3 hours of dedication, I got from Onderon (first encounter, pre-tomb) to Dantooine (second encounter, at Kreia's bidding). Unfortunately, I didn't have the foresight to make a savegame somewhere in between.


Anyway, the problem is that I've got the quest from Kreia to go to Dantooine to finish off any remaining Jedi Masters, but when I disembark at Dantooine and Knight Speed-it to the Enclave, I walk right in and find it just as I left it: no council, a couple of protocol droids bumping haplessly into one another.


I've tried with only my main character, w/ Kreia, w/o Kreia, various party compositions, etc. No go.


Some background:


Darkside, killed everyone but the Jedi on Nar Shadda, somehow my dialog actions sent him packing rather than impaled by my lightsaber. :lol:


Other than that, I've encountered all the masters, I've got the quest to meet them, and there's no one there. I'm going to go ahead and send out an SoS for help on this one. Thanks in advance.

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