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Suggested Characters

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Ok. Here's a game (edit: which will help give Obsidian Entertainment an idea of what new characters might be popular).


1. Each person replying to this post mentions a character appearing in a Fallout game or in a Bioware, Black Isle, Troika, or Obsidian Entertainment game.

2. Then give this character a single adjective and a modern profession (in three words or less not including adjective) that they'd probably end up working at were they contemporary and real rather than fictional.

3. Now describe an (adjective) (profession) that you'd enjoy seeing in PNJ that can either resemble the original character or not. Five sentences or less.

4. Give a typical motto or saying that is associated with this character.


I'll begin.


1. Xan.

2. Pessimist High School Teacher.

3. This is a pessimist high school teacher who drives a transport vehicle around a metropolitan area as a hobby, broadcasting dramatic tales of horror over ham radio. Although he has no feasible combat-related skills, he is quite perceptive and people feel easy around him even with his tendency to draw all conversation into horrific descriptions (some of which are descriptions of rare but fatal situations that a character can end up in).

4. "Of course, I might be devoured by banana slugs while the ghosts of my parents laugh at my weakness."

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1. The Player Character

2. Deranged Homocidal Maniac

3. Throughout the Realms and across every monstrous species, none are feared more than the homocidal player character. With his/her trusty Hotkey of Reload, the player character is an immortal killer bent on cleansing the world of all that can be attacked. All attempts at communicating with him/her inevitably lead to violence, for the player character is the staunchest supporter of the statement, "with each life I take, I grow stronger"

4. "4. How about I just kill you."

There are doors

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