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Stuck in Traya Academy

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HELP!!! :)


Cant seem to find a way to get out of the academy or the proving grounds. When I click on my map I see portals that lead to the Traya Prisons ???? yet when I go thru Im back in the Academy. I'm guessing its a bug but I've gone back a couple times and its still the same. Any ideas?

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Uh, ok, if you are just lost, us the cheat "revealmap" (ask if you don't know how to get cheats). This will show you the entire map. The portals are just prooving grounds where you kick ass and get xp. You really just want to follow it until you get to the top of the map. The level is symetrical, so at the very top there is a door. You will meet a certain someone who really likes to sleep with vibroblades.

(Marine Axiom)

Sweat Dries

Blood Clots

Bones Heal


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that door was never there. I finally found the door on like the 11th re-try. I kept starting over from the time you enter the Academy. The last time I went back a lil bit further and then came in, went in the same direction I had gone a couple of times and then when I got to the top of the Academy I was able to finally face Sion and enter the Traya Core.


.....if at first you dont succeed, try, try again....and again and again and again and again........... :cool: :D :thumbsup:

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