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Problem with Red Eclipse Trigger Event

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I'm in Nar Shaddaa and triggered the Red Eclipse battle, however I only killed the men outside the Ebon Hawk. I forgot about the men inside and went about my business completing other missions around Nar Shaddaa. When checking the journal, I realized that the Ebon Hawk needed to be cleared out, however when I returned, the ship was completely empty (no Red Eclipse, no non-active party members, nothing). Is there something I missed or is there a way to fix this?


Addendum: Actually, now the problem is slightly different. I used the save game editor and changed the red eclipse mission status to completed. This triggered the squibb(?) call and everything went fine up until the end of Goto's Yacht sequence. At this point the PC returned to the Ebon Hawk and once again it was empty. In addition there is no way out and the navcomputer is also not accessible. Is this some sort of status with the Ebon Hawk that can be changed in one of the files? If so, please let me know, if not, please let me know if there are any other solutions short of restarting the game or loading before the red eclipse sequence.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Unless someone else knows the response you're looking for regarding editing your save game files. You would probably be better off starting over again at the Red Eclipse sequence.


The cut scene you're missing after GOTO's yacht is the one where Mira or Hanharr would talk to the exile regarding the destruction of GOTO's yacht. But since your editing of your saved games probably made the game unsure of which character to create, that *may* be why your game is fouling up at that point.

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