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Any benefit from hyperthreading in NWN2?


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Greetings! Does anyone want to take a stab at this technical question: Will NWN2 support or benefit from hyperthreading? I know a process does not have to "support" hyperthreading, per se, but I was dallying with the concept of purchasing a machine just to host a NWN2 server and was leaning twoard an AMD solution for CPU. I belive the hyperthreading is unique, currently, to Intel chips. I also realize that hyperthreading has been something of an embattled feature, with some high-end server operators describing an actual decrease in performance after switching to a hyperthreading solution.


I'm assuming that the server software, in whatever form it's currently in, has been run at Obsidian on at least a few different platforms and am curious as to performance issues noted.


Thank you,



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Hyper threading thingy is something similar to have dualcore or two processors, right?


I read a post by dev in bioboards were he said that they made some processor heavy part of NWN 2 engine to support multiple threads or some such. So yes.

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