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Story Ideas 4 kotor 3


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Okay, here is my idea for kotor 3, and im not gunna whine aboutlightsaber colors either or talk about how kool it would be to have revan or the exile or nuthin).


It starts off kinda Fable style, as a kid. You are a young child at a jedi academy before the mandalorian wars and you have a freind.. You do an errand or two to let the story progress. Now it skips a few years to where you and your freind are about 18, and goes to the point where the mandalorian wars are just starting. Here you have, choice to go fight in the mandalorian wars with revan and all those guys (they are not main characters of the game) or heed to the council's will and stay put.


Light Side (stay with council) o:) (freind always chooses opposite)


You stay with the council and stuff and you end up with your master (as you have become padawan) and you two are sent off to some world near the outer rim to investigate reports of downed ships. As you go you find the workings of the true sith. So you fight a few battles and stuff and finally in the last fight your master dies to save you (like episode I). Here you do your best to suppress this threat from becoming known. After you succeed in doin so you return to the academy and report waht you found and did and junk. They feel you have earned the right to become a master and you pick your sub-class or wutever.A few more years pass as the war nears an end a This is the point where Revan and malak have turned and are starting to get their army goin n stuff. You are sent to a battleship by the council to do your best to stop them. As you battle your way through the ranks, you come across your freind. You find him come upon him fighting a sith and after he kills him he spots you. He has become some generall or admiral or sumthing and you must fight him or turn him to the light(I havnt decided if he dies in this fight or not) after a few exchanged words. This is where you learn that revan and malak are out looking for some "Star Forge". After barely escaping the spaceship you head back to the academy or wherever the jedi dudes are at the time. Now the council has more information about these true sith and you go on your way to do your best and suppress them.If your freind came with you he tags along as ayour padawan.(thats as far as my light side story goes, feel free to add on)


Dark Side :p

You go off to fight in the Mandalorian wars with your master. A few battles are played out and at this point it skips a few years towards the end of the war. Here is where everybody goes darkside and you must fight off an attacking jedi force. You fight through a few jedi and you spot your master, injured after killing several jedi. You take advantage of this and attack him to take his rank (whatever you are he is higher). After a heated battle you kill him and come across one of the few survivors of the jedi assault (your freind). You can either kill him or turn to the DARKSIDE.

You here rumors of some true sith somewhere on the outer rim and if you converted him you take him on as your apprenticeor whatever padawans are to the sith. So you go to investigate these guys and they fight you (they think your POSERS and you disgust them)


That is all that i have so far, somebody else can fill in the gaps and/or send hate mail or whatever. :)cth_2008@hotmail.com

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I have three things to say here,


[1] All KotOR3 ideas and suggestions go here, if they are posted anywhere else, the topics will get locked pretty much immediatly :p


[2] The Search button is your best friend! o:)


[3] Thirdly, welcome to the forums! :)

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